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The Theta Network is a major player in the decentralized video streaming service and NFTs with a wide addressable market. A lot of investors have amassed fortunes by jumping in early on the token as it rose by roughly 11000% from its launch price.So, if you missed out on the early launch of the Theta token and are uncertain about its future price, well, look no further as we dive dip into the features of the Theta token  price prediction for the Theta token for 2022 to 2027, following technical and fundamental analysis.

 Theta History: The Inception Story

Theta Network is a blockchain protocol that improves the creation, streaming, and how video contents are consumed. The project was started in 2018 by Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long. The Theta network has two tokens, namely, THETA and TFUEL. We’ll be looking into the THETA token in this article.

Users on the Theta network who act as peers, sharing excessive, redundant computing power and bandwidth resources are incentivized with the Theta token. The launch of the Theta token was first announced in November 2017 followed by the token sales in January 2018.

The Theta network launched three Mainnets at different times with incremental upgrades and functionalities, starting with Mainnet 1.0 launch in March 2019, Mainnet 2.0 launch in May 2020, and Mainnet 3.0 launch in July 2021. The main function of the Theta crypto-economics is to ensure the utility and security of the Theta network through adequate incentivizes to all Theta ecosystem stakeholders.


The partners of the project include Google, Samsung, Binance,, and Gumi.

Market Size, Idea Validation, and the future of the Theta project 

Theta’s main business idea is to decentralize video streaming, making for a more effective and low-cost video streaming, data delivery, and edge computing, while maintaining a fair industry for participants.Theta’s product offerings include better quality streaming service, improved earnings for content creators, and Video platforms AKA middle men save money on building infrastructure thereby gaining higher revenue from advertisement and subscriptions.The Theta Network in June 2021 added NFTs to its product offering, which includes trading cards of media celebrities.

At press time Theta is valued at 1.3 Billion USD with a capped token supply of 1 Billion tokens at launch. The Theta token is deflationary as no new token will be created after launch.

To understand the size of the market that the Theta network is focused on, simply think of, Vimeo, Netflix, and other streaming platforms out there, it’s massive, which is why we believe the THETA token is an excellent investment that will offer massive gains in the future.

Fundamental Analysis 


Theta has a capped supply of 1 Billion tokens at launch. The Theta token is a deflationary one as no new token will be created after launch. At the Mainnet launch, every holder of the ERC20 Theta token was given an equivalent Theta token on the new blockchain on a ratio one to one (1:1) basis, with a fixed supply of the native Theta on the native blockchain, fixed at 1 billion tokens.

Three hundred million Theta tokens were sold in 2018 for $20 million, and the tokens were distributed as shown in the image above courtesy of Miner Reserve which equates to 250 million tokens, 30% Token Sale (300 million tokens), 15.0% Strategic Partners (150 million tokens), 7.5% Advisors & Employees (75 million tokens), Theta Reserve (225 million tokens), all add up to 1 Billion tokens.

Theta Price Prediction 2022 


Following the regular bullish divergence on 01 May ’20, the Theta token price surged by about 13000%, an astronomical feat for a project that launched in March 2019. Upon a breakdown of the upward hidden bullish divergence trend line, the Theta token confirmed a prolonged price slump on 01 December ’21. From its all-time high, the Theta price dipped by about 90% sending heightened fear into the market, as many suggest that it could suffer the same fate as LUNA.

Well, history has shown that more fear of the price of a robust crypto project with a practical use case like Theta signals discounted prices and the opportunity to mop up more Theta tokens.

The above monthly chart shows that the THETAUSDT could bounce off the $0.794, bringing the Theta price to $4.388.On the Contrary to a price bounce, the Theta price could slip below the $0.794 price to a minimum price of $0.192 as the RSI (4) already pierce below the level-25.

Theta Price Prediction 2023 

Upon finding support at its estimated lowest low of $0.192 in 2022, the Theta coin would exit the oversold area with the RSI crossing above the level-25 and advance towards level-75 next year. Higher RSI readings above level-75 signal an increase in demand for the Theta coin to a projected high of $15.88 in 2023.

Theta Price Prediction for the Next 5 Years 

Five years from now, the Theta use case as a video streaming platform would have been put to test and we believe that the project is here to stay, hence a profitable project that’s worthy of a long-term investment.Although we expect to see less dependence on BTC, the coming Bitcoin BTC halving would ignite a hike in demand for the Theta token, bringing the price to a maximum of $80 in 2027.

Coingape Experts Analysis

The most similar and biggest competitor to the Theta token is Livepeer (LPT) since it prides itself on being the first decentralized video stream network protocol launched in 2017. Although Livepeer is in a race to become a decentralized alternative and economically efficient alternative to centralized broadcasting solutions, Theta on the other hand has a wider product offering and user base as it offers services for platform owners, content providers, and streamers.

Livepeer will capture a portion of the decentralized video streaming service, but we believe that Theta will cover a wider market share and be the number one player in the sector.

The table below shows our price forecast for the Theta token from 2022 to 2027 :

Max high 
min low

2022 projection

2023 projection

2027 projection

Market Predictions for the Token 

To double-check our price predictions of the Theta tokens, we present below alternative price forecasts of the Theta token by other leading crypto analytics firms. Read on for added insights into the future price levels of the Theta token starting from 2022 to 2027.


DigitalCoinPrice Prediction


Analysts at DigitalCoinPrice (DCP) predict a downward crossing of the 1.78USD level to set a minimum low of 1.58USD and a maximum price of 1.92USD at the closing price of Q4 2022.

Upon crossing below the 2.27USD mark, the DCPs 2023 prediction sets the minimum price of the Theta token at 1.74 and a maximum price of 2.27USD in 2023. Lastly, the prediction platform estimates a maximum price of 3.46USD and a minimum price of 2.47USD after an earlier price cross of the 2.57USD mark.


Wallet Investor Predictions

Surprisingly, WalletInvestor holds a long-term bearish bias towards the Theta token as they express the likelihood of a devalued future investment in the token.The analytics firm anticipates a prolonged recovery time for the Theta token.

CoinArbitrageBot Experts Prediction

The crypto analytics platform, coinarbitragebot on the other hand, holds a positive outlook towards the Theta token as they forecast a price increase to $4.26812 by the end of 2022.Further predictions by the analytics firm reveal a possible maximum high of $24.985 in 2023 and $18.0789 at the end of 2025.

Longforecast Prediction

The LongForecast (LF) analysts predict a -7.1% price decline by the end of December 2022 with the maximum Theta price at $1.13 and minimum price at $0.98.Their May 2023 prediction sets the highest price for the Theta token at $1.03 and a minimum price of $0.89, a -3.0% price decline for the month.Lastly, the firm’s June 2024 price forecast projects the Theta price at a maximum price of $1.87 and a minimum price of $1.51. The Theta token is predicted to gain 15.99% in June 2024.


Q: What is the current value of the Theta token?

As of the time of writing this, the value of the Theta token is $1.298.

Q: Will Theta reduce in value?

Theta bulls are already seeing a decline in their earlier gains, however, the general forecast by analysts reveals an increase in adoption rate when the price bottoms at the predicted levels.

Q: Can Theta token crash?

The analysis and market predictions above show that the Theta token is going through a correction phase like the general crypto market.

With that being said, we believe that the Theta token and Theta Network are here to stay and we have no evidence of a crash in the future.

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