What I Learned Managing Arca’s Crypto Fund for Five years

Atmosphere (Shutterstock/CoinDesk)

But what are the best attributes and qualifications for a research analyst in crypto? What makes the best Trade Ops person? Who is best suited to handle investor relations? These are still not easy questions to answer in crypto. During the first few years of our fund, we took what we could get – which is to say, whoever wanted a job. The pay sucked, the hours were long, and the future was very uncertain. Anyone who wanted a job in this industry in 2018 shared a true passion for blockchain’s success, and was willing to learn any part of the job necessary to succeed. Most people who joined this industry pre-2020 are still working in this industry, and their job responsibilities evolve in real-time. But in 2021, I could have hand-picked any person I wanted from every major bank, brokerage and hedge fund, who all had zero crypto experience but saw big money ahead. The resumes were pouring in. Many of these employees didn’t work out. In 2023, we’re back to the passionate souls who will do anything to work in this industry.

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